Market Update – March 2018

March 08, 2018

A Hint of Sunshine Spring weather arrived on March 1st (though there was snow on the ground in some places) and March 2nd brought another day of dreary winter-like weather.  However, the taste of sun on March 1st is all a Vancouverite needs to remember that summer is coming…. Weather aside, the housing market had […]

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Market Update – February 2018

February 09, 2018

FAKE NEWS ALERT! Unbeknownst to us, it turns out that we’ve been publishing fake news in this update every month.  For that, we are sorry – interestingly, I’m not actually sure that there’s a better way to produce the information. More on that in a second – let’s first start with the usual stats.  The […]

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Market Update – January 2018

January 17, 2018

Welcome to 2018!   Most of our market updates have a fair bit of reflection from the previous months, followed by a bit of speculation.  However, the beginning of a new year generally brings with it a shift in the market and so our January edition always forces us to do a bit more previewing with […]

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How Government is Affecting the Market and What that Means for You

November 13, 2017

All three levels of government are enacting policies to help “cool” the housing market. What are those policies, what will the result of those policies be and how will they affect home buyers and sellers? Let’s start with the new policy changes: Federal – New mortgage “stress-test” rules mean it will be much harder for […]

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Market Update – November 2017

November 13, 2017

Vancouver is Changing “Change is not to be feared, change is an opportunity.” There are numerous variations of that quote; but the message is clear – that whenever something is changing, a new opportunity is presenting itself. The Numbers Before we get into why we might discuss change though, let’s start with the usual stats. […]

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Market Update – October 2017

October 18, 2017

Speculation and a Slowing Market I haven’t had a lot of conversations with clients in the last month that don’t have some time spent discussing rising interest rates and slowing markets. Certainly, it does appear that the Vancouver market is at the beginning of a significant shift in pace – but, some of that is […]

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Market Update – September 2017

September 05, 2017

Yawn-Inducing Stats The most interesting observation I can make about this month’s stats is just how boring this month’s stats are. Before we get to that, let’s start with the usual stats. The Numbers The numbers shown are a ratio of the number of active listings (at end of month) over the number of sales […]

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Market Update – August 2017

August 04, 2017

Is it Over? Is this the Top?   For many years, the age-old question of Vancouver Real estate has been whether the bubble is “finally” popping?  Or from a homeowner: Are our values going to plummet?  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to answer that question definitively today, but I will tell you what we’re feeling now […]

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Market Update – July 2017

July 12, 2017

 A Tale of Two Markets…Still “Two distinct markets have emerged this summer.”  I’ve lifted this quote from the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s media release published last week.  I found the quote particularly comical because we started talking about the two distinct markets back in September last year! The Numbers Let’s start with the […]

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Market Update – June 2017

June 07, 2017

The Power of Context The problem with looking at one piece of data out of context is that, all too often, the context is what renders the data useful. This month’s Real Estate Board press release is a terrific example of this. And the problem with the Real Estate Board not doing a thorough analysis […]

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