The unreal world of Vancouver real estate. Featuring interviews with real estate thought leaders and decision makers in Vancouver. Hosted by frequent media commentator, professional speaker, trainer and one of Vancouver’s top Realtors – Keith Roy.

#65 – The UnReal Role of a REALTOR® (with John Collopy)

October 28, 2018

Let me start off by saying, if you are a real estate agent, especially if you’re a newer agent trying to grow a business you NEED to listen to this episode. If you’re something thinking of hiring an agent or want to know more about what makes a truly GREAT agent, this episode is also […]

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#64 – Back to School: An Icelandic Real Estate Special

October 14, 2018

We’re back in Iceland for another special episode. If you haven’t heard our previous Icelandic episodes, be sure to check them out below. This time we’re exploring the 2 year real estate school system of Iceland. #18 – UnReal Estate of Iceland #19 – UnReal Estate of Iceland (Conclusion)

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#63 – Leaving Vancouver for…Germany?

September 30, 2018

Vee arts ein Deutschland! Just in time for Octoberfest, this week we’re talking all things German, from Germany with a guy who lives in Germany. Our guest this week is Allan Attridge, a man I’ve known my entire life. Allan and I grew up together in Richmond, but after falling in love with a German girl, […]

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#62 – City Planning & Microsuites

September 17, 2018

A few episodes ago we discussed the merits of leaving the city in favour of country life. Our guest on the show this week will argue that life in the city life is hands down the best way to go. This week we’re talking to Christian Huggett – Vice President of Development with Podium Developments in […]

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#61 – UnReal Estate of Thunder Bay (Vince Mirabelli)

September 02, 2018

This week on the show we’re in Northern Ontario, a 14 hour drive away from Toronto, in the town of Thunder Bay. It’s the first stop on our Ontario real estate tour. In this episode we sit down with the legend of Thunder Bay real estate, Mr. Vince Mirabelli. If you ask just about any […]

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#60 – UnReal Estate of Winnipeg (With Jesse Peters)

August 19, 2018

Ah Winnipeg. Try as I might, I cannot escape you. We all know someone who lives in (or is from) Winnipeg. One of the people I know in Winnipeg is the legendary Jesse Peters. Jesse is a Realtor with RE/MAX (aka. Mr. Social Savvy). Every time Steph and I come to town we try to […]

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#59 – UnReal Estate of Kelowna

August 05, 2018

As more young people choose to leave Vancouver, one of the places they move to is Kelowna and the surrounding areas. Once thought of as a retirement town, Kelowna has changed significantly in the past decade (with the average age down from 67 to 41). Here to talk to us about what’s driving that change, […]

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#58 – City Life Vs. Country Life

July 23, 2018

As prices continue to rise in Vancouver, more and more young families are making the decision to leave the city altogether. But it’s not just the cost of housing that’s prompting this mass exodus as we’ll learn in this week’s episode. This week on the show I sit down with a Michael Kaisaris, a good […]

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#57 – UnReal Estate of Vancouver Island

June 24, 2018

Very excited to have our friend Braden Wheatcroft as a guest on the podcast this week. Braden is the Director of Career Development for RE/MAX Camosun on Vancouver Island and host of his own Facebook Live (and future podcast) show, The Vancouver Island Real Estate Show. He’s a long time fan of the show and […]

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#56 – Your First Year as a Real Estate Agent

June 10, 2018

Continuing the theme of becoming a real estate agent, this week I sit down with my managing broker, Broker/Owner Cory Raven of RE/MAX Select Realty to talk about all the steps agents need to take once they’ve joined a brokerage.      

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