The unreal world of Vancouver real estate. Featuring interviews with real estate thought leaders and decision makers in Vancouver. Hosted by frequent media commentator, professional speaker, trainer and one of Vancouver’s top Realtors – Keith Roy.

#10 – Keith Roy is a Skinny, Nerdy Know it All

April 09, 2017

For our 10th episode we’re doing something special. The editor and producer of this show (who also happens to be my soul mate) will be interviewing me for a change. Stephanie is going to ask me some of the questions our listeners have been asking including… Who are you going to vote for in the […]

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#9 – Ben Wood Lives in My Backyard  

April 02, 2017

  While many young families seem to be leaving Vancouver, Ben Wood and his family of four are doing the opposite – they’re moving in. Ben is my guest on the show this week after making the long commute from the laneway house in my backyard to my home studio. (Listeners might recall that I […]

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#8 – Jordan Bateman – Making Taxes Sexy

March 26, 2017

Why is housing in Vancouver so expensive? Is it because of foreign investments? Is it the fault of greedy landlords and developers? We’re quick to point fingers, but what if we’re looking at this all wrong. Why are foreign owners willing to pay so much for housing here? Why do landlords feel they can charge […]

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#7 – Tom Davidoff – Socialism For The Rich

March 19, 2017

I’m back at UBC this week interviewing professor of urban economics at The Sauder School of Business, Tom Davidoff. Tom is often featured in the media with his take on the economics of Vancouver real estate. Tom is one of the more controversial real estate thought leaders in this city, but his policies are scientific and […]

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#6 – Melissa De Genova – Stop Punishing Home Owners

March 12, 2017

My friends are leaving Vancouver. Why is that and how can we fix it? This is the main reason I started The Vancouver UnReal Estate Show – to speak with policy makers; discuss options and to figure out a way to get people to stay. Furthermore, as someone who makes a living helping people buy […]

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#5 – Richard Stewart – Mayor of Coquitlam

March 05, 2017

This week I drive out to the suburbs to meet with the Mayor of Coquitlam – Richard Stewart. As many of my clients have been moving to Coquitlam in recent years, I was particularly excited for this interview. Mayor Stewart’s passion for his city clearly shows in this interview and this passion is one of […]

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#4 – Andrew Parr Takes Keith Back To School

February 26, 2017

This week I head over to UBC to meet with managing director of student housing and hospitality services – Andrew Parr. As the managing director, Andrew controls over 11,000 student residences, which makes him the largest landlord on the Westside of Vancouver. In this episode, Andrew and I discuss what UBC is doing to address […]

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#3 – Michael Geller – Let’s Rezone Vancouver

February 19, 2017

If you follow real estate news at all in Vancouver you’ve probably heard of this week’s guest – Michael Geller. Michael is architect, planner, real estate consultant and property developer with four decades of experience in the public, private and institutional sectors. He serves on the Adjunct Faculty of the SFU Centre for Sustainable Community […]

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#2 – Sam Sullivan in Defence of Urban Density

February 12, 2017

I’m so excited about our guest this week. An old friend of mine – Sam Sullivan is the former mayor of Vancouver and current Liberal MLA for Vancouver – False Creek. Sam is also the founder of the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation and six organizations that currently support quality of life initiatives for people with […]

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#1 – David Eby Grows Mushrooms in Basements

February 03, 2017

For our first episode, Keith talks with David Eby – NDP housing critic and MLA for Vancouver Point Grey – about housing affordability in Vancouver and his opinion of government policies affecting home owners in British Columbia.

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