Greg was so patient and accommodating for the longest time… never hesitated to answer all my questions and concerns… always pleasant kind and caring

- Fleurette (2017)

Greg was great at helping us figure out what would work for us. Very personable and knowledgeable. All around excellent and will be our realtor for any future real estate needs.

- Alex B. (2017)

My personal experience with Keith Roy and Associates was most pleasant. Our realtor Greg made buying a home a breeze. He answered all of our questions with an unbiased opinion, giving my partner and I the space to make our own decisions. He was available at any time that we needed him. Not only were Keith Roy and Associates a crucial part in the purchase of our first home but they still are in contact with us, which we love. Thank you!

- Tabatha S. (2017)

Greg, Keith, Anna and Taryn were all super helpful. They made the entire process of buying a home so simple that it was easier to buy a home than a dress or a piece of furniture.

- Pietra (2017)

Greg and his colleagues were great to have working for us. He was professional and knowledgeable. Thanks!

- Ray & Sarah Kate (2017)

Keith was readily available and professional in his manner. He provided us with a very positive experience. We highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking at the real estate market. Thank you, Keith!

- Natino & Mary (2017)

Greg did very well at honing in on what we wanted and what would work, and was very good and tactful at getting me to slow down when making such an important decision.

- Alex & Tabatha

Thank you so much for all of your help with the sale of our house. Your expertise and advice was very much appreciated, as was your excellent service.

- Kim & Jordan

Deborah Stellingwerff and the team at Keith Roy & Associates were excellent throughout every step of our search and purchase of our new home. Highly recommended!

- Claire & Chris

Greg was just who I needed. I felt like an important customer. My needs mattered. 2 weeks after initial meeting, I had an accepted offer. Greg was not afraid to tell me what I needed to do and what I had to let go of.  He made looking for a home fun. Even when my offer was declined, he had made me feel for the first time like I was “in the game.”

- Cheri R.